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Danielle is a multidisciplinary circus and visual artist coming from a small town near Toronto. She was an active child with endless ideas and curiosity and was encouraged to experiment with many different creative outlets, such as; visual arts, karate, musical theatre, guitar and so on. She continued to develop her passion for the arts, taking multiple visual arts courses throughout high school.


Despite never having been exposed to circus prior to the age of 16, she decided to drop her academic post secondary pursuit (to her mother's dismay) and run away to the circus. After training obsessively for 3 years alone in her living room and recreationally, she got accepted into the prestigious National Circus School in Montreal. She graduated in 2018 with a specialty in the art of hand balancing. Danielle has gone on to perform for many different shows and events worldwide, working for companies such as GOP Varieté Theatre, Cirque Èloize, Montréal Complètement Cirque, Haut-Vol, Cirque Eos and Radio Canada.


Through her experience, she has developed a passion for teaching others and has gone on to coach many different students around the world through private lessons and workshops. As a visual artist, Danielle has developed a unique style of painting and due to her frequent travel, has acquired a proficiency in embroidery. She has and continues to sell original paintings, prints, embroidered pieces and does commissions in embroidery, paintings and even animation. Danielle's goal is and always has been, to evolve as an artist through taking on new challenges and opportunities. 

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