Legend has it, 22 years ago

Danielle crawled out from

the roots of a tall oak tree.

Whether she originated

from a tree or her

mother, Danielle

remains a bizarre creature.

From a young age, you

could find her paws deep

in some dirt looking for an

interesting insect to make

friends with. You

could find her at a

borderline dangerous

height deep into the

bush of a tree. You could

find her in a deep squat in

a creek somewhere

looking for a peculiar rock.

She has always carried

some form of passionate

behaviour for many

different phases in her life.

Going through insects,

dogs, horses, dragons,

dinosaurs, karate, musical theatre,

etc. Nothing quite stuck until at 16 years

of age, she stumbled upon contortion videos on

Youtube; she was hooked. From that moment she

started training, and never stopped. This obsession

ran so deep that she trained all day, 7 days a week. As the

obsession grew it morphed into a passion in the art of hand

balancing. Not much has changed, except her

mother doesn't worry about the volume of

training as much anymore. At 18, Danielle

moved to Montreal to pursue her dreams

at the National Circus School. There she

expanded her passion of hand

balancing into a variety of skills that allow

her to create using this and her artistic

capabilities. It has been quite the journey,

as she has had many opportunities to take her passion to the main stage and show the public what her life has evolved into. Not much has changed, these days you can find her in a handstand on the tree stump she crawled out of. 

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